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Best Cycling and Exercise Places in Patna

Physical Exercise plays a huge role in each one’s life and as Indian cities grown ever more crowded it is becoming harder to find suitable locations to perform physical exercise. Physical exercise can be done in many different ways but it’s important to have the proper location and facilities to perform the exercise. It’s also important to take your safety and comfort in to consideration since many public roads are experiencing serious traffic congestion and drivers are getting more reckless by the day. This makes locating isolated roads to exercise on an important aspect of exercise safety and comfort. Below are the best cycling and jogging roads in Patna.

Cycling Along Gandhi Maidan

Cycling Along Gandhi Maidan

The Gandhi Maidan also provides a wonderful place to ride your cycle but you need to make sure you visit this circuit only in the early morning when there is not traffic. It’s not possible to ride on the roundabout during the day hours due to lots of traffic and the disruption of traffic lights. This is a riding circuit which should only be attempted by professional riders as it’s a high traffic road but quite during the morning hours.

Gandhi Maidan Foot Walk

This is the best walking path in Patna and stretches for around 1300 Meter providing the walker or jogger an adequate measure to determine the distance they have ridden. The Park is usually crowded in the evening as many people visit from the enamoring areas resulting in congestions. For people who have the times on their hands, visiting in the mornings will be more refreshing and offer more privacy. This is especially important for people who like jogging since you experience inconvenience when people are walking and blocking your path. Many people also find it easier to jog on the grass along the path rather than haggle with walkers on the path.

Benkipur Club Road

A better but longer option for cycle riders is to allow the Benkipur Club Road which divides with one road heading to the high school and college sector. This is rout that is approximately 1KM and can be repeated several times to reach your target distance. The main attraction to this road is the high safety level of the road since there is virtually no traffic on this road resulting in making it very safe for riders looking to exercise in the absence of traffic.

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is another popular open area that people visit to walk and exercise on a daily basis and considered among the best in Patna. The park has several beautiful treks which could be followed. For people who just want to spend time in the open fields its possible just to visit and exercise in the large lawns at the entrance of the biological park.

With cities like Patna rapidly expanding it has become very important that the city authorities retain and manage the existing green belts where people visit to get away from their daily lives. It’s also important to exercise and maintain your body physic in a clean and pleasant atmosphere which will improve you mental and physical relaxation.

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