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Bihar State Road Transport Corporation


Bihar Road Transport Corporation has taken the initiative to provide pro-active transport system and infrastructure to make traveling across the city comfortable, safe and cost-effective for the daily passengers as well as the tourists. The buses charge a minimal amount for lessening the burden of people belonging to lower strata of the society.

Mr. Brishin Patel is the state’s roadway minister and Mr. Dinesh Kumar Rai is the District Transport Officer of Patna. The transport ministry has laid down several objectives under Vision 2020 for providing higher level of services to its passengers.

Patna, the capital of Bihar, has an efficient interstate and local bus services. The local buses plying on different routes have made traveling easy for the people residing in remote areas.

Considering the comfort of people of different strata of the society, the corporation has both non AC and AC buses. Giving a boost to its existing services in the city, it has stated Volvo Luxury buses. The charges are very high as compared to other bus services in the city. Volvo buses are fully furnished and have music systems and LCD TV to keep the passengers entertained throughout the journey.

Along with the above mentioned services, the other fleet of vehicles available in the city are different types of cars and  A.C. Mini Bus (13 Seater) and Deluxe A.C. buses.

People also like to take auto rickshaws to travel to the nearest destination.
The STD code for PATNA is 0612.

Contact details:

Bihar Road Transport Corporation:
Pariwahan Bhawan,
Veerchand Patel Path,
Patna Gpo,
Patna - 800001
Ph no of Dinesh Kumar Rai (DTO): 2224634 / 2223328

For booking Volvo luxury buses Contact:

Transport-cum-Travel Trade
Paryatan Bhawan,
Beerchand Patel Path
Patna – 800 001
Ph no : 2225411, 2506219

Patna City Bus Services

Patna City Bus Ride

A regular bus traveler can take the advantage of making pass facility for a comfortable and cost effective journey. To have access to pass facility one need to submit the form with 2 photographs and 1 ID proof at Bankipur bus stand. For the monthly passes an amount of Rs 250 is charged. The major benefit of availing to this facility is that the passenger can travel to any route for a month with the same pass.

The buses in the city are painted in eight different colors for making it easy for the passengers to understand the specific routes that the buses ply on.

On every line pink color buses are available exclusively for ladies.

Rs 500 is fined for traveling on the buses without a ticket. It is also essential for the pass card bearers to carry their card before boarding the buses.

The list below shows the Patna city bus route services and time.

Red Colored Buses on Route 1 – Khagaul Birla Military Police camp to Gandhi Maidan.
Time – Morning 5 A:M to 10 P:M
No. of Buses – 12
Buses after every 15 minutes.

Blue Colored Buses on Route 2 – Gandhi Maidan frazer road to Danapur.
Time – Morning 5 AM to 11 P:M
No. of Buses – 18

Green Colored Buses on Route 3 – Rajapur to Puldanapur.
Time – Morning 8 AM to 11:00 P:M
No. of Buses – 12

Yellow Colored Buses on Route 4 – Gandhi Maidan to Gaighat
Time – Morning 5 AM to 11:35 P:M
No. of buses – 4

Orange Colored Buses on Route 5 – Upto Mithapur bus stand.
Time – Morning 5 AM to 11:35 P:M
No. of Buses – 6

Purple Colored Buses on Route 6 – Gandhi Maidan to IAS colony.
Time – Morning 5 AM to 8 P:M
No. of Buses – 6

Sky Blue Colored buses on Route 7 – Gandhi Maidan to boring road.
Time – Morning 5 AM to 11:30 P:M
No. of Buses – 12

The AC buses

The maroon colored AC buses are the Marco Polo buses, built by Tata Motors, besides AC, it has ultramodern facilities like passenger safety and comfort features. They have GPS(Global Positioning System) and emergency alarm button and window, inbuilt fire extinguishing system, electronic ticketing machine, music system and others.

There are plans to start AC buses, connecting Patna with the districts. There  are plans for setting up ultra-modern bus stops in Patna.

Interstate Bus services

One can travel to Patna by bus from the metro cities: Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. The bus services are also available from other cities to Patna as mentioned in the list.

Station  Distance
 Delhi to Patna
 855 km
 Pune to Patna
 1404 km
 Lucknow to Patna  443 km
 Ranchi to Patna
 253 km
 Bokaro to Patna
 218 km
 Kolkata to Patna
 472 km
 Bangalore to Patna
 1614 km
 Hyderabad to Patna
 1145 km
 Jaipur to Patna
 943 km
 Siliguri to Patna  5784 km
 Mumbai to Patna
 1468 km
 Chennai to Patna 
 1488 km
 Jamshedpur to Patna 
 334 km
 Ahmedabad to Patna 
 1306 km
 Mysore to Patna 
 1729 km

Rural Bus services:

Below mentioned is the list of buses that connects Patna to other places in the city and districts of Bihar.
Route No
 Station Name
Ajimabad to Patna                     
Sandesh, Kulharia
Amirganj to Patna Rajgir, Sarbahda, Khudaganj, Islampur, Biharshariff, Ekangarsarai, Hilsa, Fatwa
Belaw to Patna Chandapul, Kharsa, Batho, Parasi, Balidad, Arwal, Paliganj, Vikram, Naubatpur, Khagaul, Saguna More
Bhadasi to Patna Paliganj, Dulhin Bazar, Vikramganj, Naubatpur, Danapur, Patna
Biharshariff to Patna
Noorsarai, Chandi, Daniyawa, Fatwa

 Dehri to Patna Rajpur, Mauna, Nasriganj, Itimha, Gorari, Karakat, Vikramganj, Piro, Garhani, Bihari Mill, Ara, Bihta, Maner, Khagaul, Danapur, Saguna More
Ghoshrawa to Patna Pawapuri, Biharshariff, Noorsarai, Tharthari, Hilsa, Daniyawa, Fatwa
Govindpur to Patna Nawada, Hisua, Rajgir, Biharshariff, Daniyawa
Itadhi to Patna Dhansoi, Dinara, Maliabagh, Sonbarsa, Jagdishpur, Ara, Bihta
 115 Kauwakol to Patna Rupo, Warji, Pakribarma, Warsaliganj, Nawada, Narbiganj, Giriyak, Biharshariff, Chandi, Daniyawa
Khirimore to Patna Paliganj, Dulhin Bazar, Vikramganj, Naubatpur, Khagaul
Mundeshwari to Patna Belaw, Bhagwanpur, Bhabhua, Nuwab, Ramgarh, Khajura Bazar, Durgawati, Mohania, Parsathua, Kochas, Dinara, Maliabagh, Sonbarsa, Jagdishpur, Bihia, Ara, Koilwar, Bihta, Maner, Danapur, Khagaul, Saguna More
Natwar to Patna Vikramganj, Piro, Garhani, Ara, Bihta, Maner, Danapur, Saguna More
Patna to Biharshariff Daniyawa, Barbigha, Sheikhpura
Patna to Chainpur Ara, Jagdishpur, Sonbarsa, Maliabagh, Dinara, Kochas, Parsathua, Mohania, Bhabhua
Patna to Gaya Manpur Fatwa, Daniyawa, Hilsa, Ekangarsarai, Islampur, Lat, Hulasganj, Nai Bazar, Kurwa, Khijarsarai, Chiraili, Nau Mile, Aiyma, Sadiur, Alipul
Patna to Jehanabad Agamkuan, Pameri More, Dhanrua, Masaudhi, Nadaul
Patna to Kadirganj Nagarnausa, Biharshariff, Rajgir, Hisua, Nawada
Patna to Sasaram Maner, Ara, Jagdishpur, Sonbarsa, Maliabagh, Dinara, Kochas, Kargahar
Patna to Sasaram Saguna More, Khagaul, Maner, Bihta, Ara, Garhani, Jagdishpur, Piro, Sonbarsa, Maliabagh, Vikramganj, Nokha
Patna to Tekari (Gaya) Masaudhi, Jehanabad, Bela, Bhawanpur, Guljana, Swal
 Patna to Ughani Bihta, Ara, Piro, Vikramganj, Nokha, Sasaram, Kudra, Chenari
Patna to Paliganj Jagdeo Path, Saguna More, Khagaul, Naubat Pur, Rampur, Vikram, Dulhin Bazar, Sigori, Akbarpur

Patna to Rajgir Fatwa, Daniyawa, Biharshariff, Hilsa, Ekangarsarai, Islampur, Khodaganj, Sarbahda, Sidepar, Chabilapur
Sahar to Patna Khaira, Etwari, Narayanpur, Agiaon, Garhani, Tetaria More, Ara, Koilwar, Bihta, Khagaul, Saguna More
Sarmera to Patna  Sikandara, Sirari, Chewara, Sheikhpura, Shekhopur, Barbihga, Biharshariff, Noorsarai, Chandi, Daniyawa, Fatwa
Sasaram to Patna Dehri, Nasriganj, Vikramganj, Piro, Ara, Koilwar, Bihta

Sewtar to Patna Jethiyan, Uttari, Tetua, Teusa, Sarbahda, Khodaganj, Khidarganj, Hulasganj, Islampur, Ekangarsarai, Hilsa, Daniyawa, Fatwa
Sohsa to Patna Mehndia, Baidrabad, Arwal, Paliganj, Dulhin Bazar, Vikram, Naubatpur
Sonbhadra to Patna Karpi, Bhadasi, Akbarpur, Sikaria, Pali, Dulhin Bazar, Vikram, Naubatpur, Saguna More
Usari to Patna Daranagar, Kaler, Mehandia, Balidad, Baidarabad, Arwal, Paliganj, Dulhin Bazar, Vikram, Naubatpur, Khagaul, Saguna More

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