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Top 5 Must Taste Foods in Patna

Patna, the capital of Bihar is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the country. It is known for its rich and glorious past, numerous tourist attractions and amazing shopping avenues. Apart from these, this city is a paradise for the food lovers. From street food joints to posh restaurants, this city has the right ingredients to tickle your taste buds. Those visiting Patna have a plethora of options to look forward to, when it comes to food. Here are some of the most popular culinary delights, that are a must taste for tourists visiting Patna.

Litti Chokha – Bihar’s Trademark

The rustic, modest combo dish litti chokha has risen to the status of being the soul food of Biharis. It is almost considered a sin to leave Patna without tasting its speciality, the litti chokha. Litti, made of baked wheat dough with fillings and accompanied by chokha - a preparation of smoked brinjals, tomatoes or potatoes and lots of chillies, is sure to tingle your taste buds. Considered to be a poor man’s food, the litti chokha sold in the road side kiosks tastes the best and draws huge crowds that include the haves and the have-nots.

Famous foods of Patna

If you are an Aamir Khan fan, do head to the Raj Sweets Shop outside the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Garden, that shot to fame after the Bollywood heart throb’s brief visit to the shop. You can get some of the choicest varieties of litti chokha from Maurya Lok, S.P Verma and Dak Bunglow Road and Boring road in Patna.

Mouth-watering Paneer Samosa and Kachori

A visit to Patna sounds incomplete without tasting the paneer samosas, kachori, kebabs and cutlets, that can be found in almost all the road side food stalls. The hot paneer samosas and spicy kachoris are exactly what you need to lift your spirits. Their unique taste and exotic flavours can make you whoop in delight. Nothing like a plate of hot samosas and kachori on a tiring or a boring rainy day. If you want to taste the finest varieties of samosas and cutlets, try visiting the Maurya Lok or the Lucknow Sweet House at the Boring House.

Luscious Khaja

Food in PatnaThe multi layered sweet pastry is a speciality of Bihar. This puffy and juicy sweet made of wheat, flour and mava and soaked in sugar syrup melts in the mouth and tastes heavenly. It has continued to tickle the taste buds of people since time immemorial and thus you can find a huge number of khaja lovers all over the world. Available in different shapes throughout Bihar state, Patna ke khajas are Gandhi topa shaped. They have an irrefutable charm about them, leaving the people craving for more. If you want to lay your hands on some of the best and tastiest varieties of khaja in Patna, head off to the shops opposite the Patna Museum.

Bihari Chinese Food – A Lip smacking Blend

Apart from the Chinese restaurants like Yo! China that are renowned for their authentic Chinese cuisines and ambience, the traditional Chinese cuisines and dishes modified to adapt the Indian tastes are gaining popularity among the Patnaites. You get to see youngsters wolfing down momos – steamed buns and other Chinese and Tibetan delicacies in the Maurya Lok Complex and in the food stalls outside the P&M Mall in Patna. The fusion of Chinese and Indian flavours is delectable and its taste and essence can be rightly captured only in the street food stalls of Patna. So go ahead and grab a quick bite of the tasty delights!

Chatpatta Patna Chaat

Snacks in Patna

Though chaat is a popular item available throughout the country, the ‘Patna Chaat’ is known for its unique taste and essence. It is renowned for its drool worthy tamarind flavour , unlike the sweet and salty ones in rest of the cities. Tikki Chaat, Samosa Chaat and Papri Chaat are at their crunchiest best and are available in almost all the restaurants, college canteens and road side stalls. Tikki Chaat from Exhibition Road and Papri Chaat from Ashok Rajpath, Bangali dada are a must try in Patna.

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