Healthcare Services in Patna

Patna, the capital city of Bihar is witnessing a remarkable improvement in the healthcare services arena. It is a major healthcare destination not only for the people of the city, but also for people of neighboring towns and villages. Patna city has a number of government and privately run hospitals providing healthcare facilities to the citizens of the city. Specialized hospitals with modern healthcare equipments are available for the diagnosis and treatment of any disease. Everyday large number of people from neighboring towns and villages travel to Patna to avail better treatment facilities.

Health Care Services in Patna

Ambulance service is provided by most of the hospitals in Patna. The blood banks of Patna are well- equipped to provide blood to patients in emergency situations. Many Charitable hospitals operate in Patna city and serve the needy by providing free treatment. New-age alternative treatment therapies like Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Auyrveda, etc. are also gaining popularity in Patna. A large number of medical shops, clinics, X-ray clinics and pathology labs can be found in the city, from where you can purchase medicines or get different tests done.

Governmental Health Care Services in Patna

Patna being the capital city of Bihar is major healthcare centre for the people of the state. A number of public and private hospitals are caring for patients residing in the city and in the adjoining regions. The government hospital provides adequate healthcare facilities to the people in Patna. All basic facilities are available in Government hospitals at an affordable rate for the benefit of general public. People from neighboring villages and towns also flock to Patna to get better medical facilities. The Government run hospitals and dispensaries are now equipped with modern healthcare equipment
hospitals and latest treatment techniques.

Governmental Hospitals in Patna

Some of the reputed & oldest government hospitals in Patna are Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH),Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) and Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH). Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) is also has a medical college offering degrees in MS, MD, MCh, Diploma and PhD courses. Besides medical treatment these hospitals also offer services like Ambulance, Blood Bank, etc. 24*7 for the convenience of the patients.

There is an active participation of the City Administrations & Doctors in the regular healthcare programmes/ camps organist by the state, especially in the adjoining rural& backward areas in and near the Patna City.There is a need for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model also to develop better healthcare infrastructure in the Patna.

Private Health Care Services in Patna

Healthcare in PatnaPeople who can afford to spend more flock to the many private hospitals and nursing homes running in Patna. Private run hospitals ranging from leading reputed hospitals, to small private clinics provide specialized treatment to the citizens of the city. People from the economically affluent part of the society with more spending power visit these hospitals and clinics. Ford Hospital, Paras HMRI Hospital, Aasthalok Hospital Pvt. Limited, etc. are some of the state of the art multi-speciality private hospitals operating in the city. These hospitals & nursing homecare equipped with the latest medical equipment & facilities; the doctors & nurses are well –qualified having up-to-date knowledge of the treatments to be administered to the patients.

These state of the art multi-speciality private hospitals operating in the city offer 24*7 emergency services in needs of emergency & distress. They also offer ambulance and blood bank facilities to their patients. Many of these hospitals also organize regular free healthcare camps for the benefit of the common people where they can get check-up/diagnosis done at subsided prices. They also have in-house pharmacy or medical stores from where one can purchase genuine medicines at any time of the day. Thus the private run hospitals are a great boon for the people of Patna city offering medical services to them at times of distress and illness.

Ayurvedic Clinics in Patna

Patna city has a number of Ayurveda clinics which provide treatments for some of the chronic health problems. People suffering from ailments like respiratory infections, skin diseases or joint pains often visit these Ayurveda clinics to attain long term relief. This ancient method of treatment is now gaining popularity in Patna owing to its low cost, no side-effects and no complication issues.Services like medicated steam baths, relaxing oil massages, body purification therapies and slimming programmes are often given to the patients.

Acupressure Clinics in Patna

Concerned about the side-effects of allopathic medicines, people today are looking for alternative therapies for treatment from medical ailments. The demand for Acupressure as an ancient alternative healing therapy is thus increasing day by day in Patna city. Common problems like mental stress, depression, respiratory infections or physical deformities can be treated easily with the help of acupressure. Many learned & qualified acupressure therapists have their clinics in Patna, where one can go and consult them for appropriate treatment.

Medical Stores in Patna

Pharmaceutical Stores in Patna

Patna is a city whose population is increasing day by day, resulting in an increase in demand for all necessary facilities, medicines being one of them. To meet this growing demand a large number of medical shops have opened up in Patna. These Medical stores some of which operate 24*7 can be easily found in all parts of the city, especially near hospitals & residential areas. One can purchase branded & genuine medicines, surgical items, ayurvedic medicines, vitamins, cosmetics, etc. from these stores. In this age of competition some of the stores offer services like home delivery of medicines, in-house doctor, pathology lab, etc. for the convenience of the common man.

Health & Fitness Centres in Patna

Keeping oneself fit is the new craze of the town. There is an increasing awareness in people towards health & fitness. To meet this growing demand a large number of gyms, health centers, yoga centers and massage therapy parlors have opened-up in the city. People of all age groups flock to these health and fitness centres to exercise, do yoga or aerobics as per their body requirement. Patna city has a large number of Gyms & Fitness Centres, equipped with all the modern equipment & facilities. People of all ages be it youngsters, middle-aged or elderly visit these gyms to maintain a fit & healthy lifestyle. Today many working professionals, housewives or elderly people who are exhausted by the daily stress and hustle-bustle of life come here to exercise and work-out.

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